Acoustic Brain Wave Activation

Unlock the Power of Subconscious Mind with meditation in minutes as your brain waves sync into Delta stage. Reach the deepest layers of your brain through Acoustic Brainwave activation training. Relieving the body and mind of anxiety, stress, moods with peaceful states of harmonic frequencies.

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Numerology Can Reveal Destiny

What if the ancients had it right all along.... that all souls are bound by numerical cycles. All paths follow it's own universal coding in bizarre ways that can be read. TAP into Your 4,000 year old destiny and receive a Free Numerology Video Report to find out what your path has planned for you!

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Manifestation Within 15 Minutes

Re-wire your brain to work for you in only 15 minutes. Transform your subconscious mind into a creative force of nature by knowing mental alchemy. These Mind Blowing facts about the power of the subconscious mind and it's ability to manifest thoughts into physical reality. We do this daily already.

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Is Our Subconscious Mind a Power House?


What should humanity know about the power of subconscious mind? Most Ancient civilizations define what knowledge modern man has lost and doesn't know about the minds hidden potentials. Deep within our being are truths about our internal nature that relates directly to universal laws. These laws dictate reality and physical matter externally and internally. Understanding these natural laws, mastering them would evolve humanity into an ascended state of consciousness.

"All that ye know is yet part of a little. Not yet have ye touched upon the great." - Emerald Tablets of Thoth

To expand the mind requires knowledge and understanding through basic wisdom's. Knowing how the mind, body and soul function together in a patterned sequence is vital. This knowing is the Holy Trinity. This is AMAZING to know! Enlightened thinkers of our history knew this truth.

Science can even prove our thoughts operate on a vibratory level of frequencies. Meaning we literally are manifesting"electrical signals" with just our thoughts and emotions. What did you think lie detector test were doing? It's picking up brain wave activity (your thoughts).


" If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nicola Tesla

How Can Our Minds Advance?

The power of using the subconscious mind relies on 3 forms of mental activity . Subconscious repetition, Creative meditation, and Stillness of Mind.

The higher the frequency in brain activity, the higher our consciousness adapts to these levels. The level of consciousness is what makes your reality what it is and what you experience on a emotional level. If you desire change, set an intention and declare a new path (align your actions with your desires). Detach from the old and allow the universes natural laws to play it's course.

"To become one with the Divine you must become the Divine in thought. You must spiritualize your actions and your thoughts at all times." - Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Reaching Delta, Theta, and Gamma levels of brainwave activity is hint to unveiling the power of the subconscious mind. Third Eye activation into full blossom through the pineal gland. The interesting part is that by constantly reaching these brain levels creates a "new subconscious pattern" to adapt to. A calm frequency of brain activity is Key to mastering the minds emotions state. No more anxiety!


On a universal level this truth is absolute on a micro level as well. Science can prove time and again. That the universe is vibrating at a certain frequency to give form to physical matter.

This in no longer a theory. It's too obvious...

Subconscious Repetition has been proven effective since our brains function using muscle memory to perform most of our daily task. Example, learning to play keys on the piano becomes "subconscious" after a period of repetitive practice. The brain is designed to learn from patterns. The subconscious mind creates patterns through repetitive actions individuals do daily.

This is your job as a human being. To find productive actions to stimulate brain activity in a creative manner repetitively.

"To understand is to perceive patterns."

Universal truths are key to mastering your subconscious mind. Great enlightened thinkers through out history achieved this knowing instinctively.  Our greatest enlightened minds understood intuition is our 6th sense and our secret to infinite creative potential.

Tap into HIGHER LEVELS by increasing your actions with repetitive ones that expand creativity!




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