Mind Blowing Quotes for Subconscious Mind Power


Top 10 Mind Blowing Quotes For Inspiration




  1. He who follows the path way of wisdom open must he be to the flower of life. Extending his consciousness out of the darkness. Flowing through time and space through infinities all.” – Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Be open to all learning in life. Treat them as new experiences that will extend your conscious awareness to new heights, transcending your lower nature out of the darkness into higher levels of knowing (light). This ancient mind blowing quote by Thoth speaks volume. It encourages us all to never stop developing ourselves within. To follow the pathway of wisdom is to continuously expand your learning; gain knowledge is to be open to the flower of life.

  1. “Listen to your hunches, pay attention to your intuitions, do not dismiss your random thoughts, inspirations or ideas. Heaven talks in snippets, not speeches. Angels whisper fast. Honor your hints from heaven. They could be giving the best advice you ever had.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Inspiration can emerge from any source at any time and be the one thing to drive you towards a new way of life. With these small whispers of truth we tune into a divine understanding of insight we never realized before. Almost as if they act as intuitive hints to guide us towards higher purposes. Higher achievements are attainable with the right amount of Will power to overcome challenges. Only inspiration can fuel the soul with enough passion to thrive above great obstacles.

  1. Glory lies beyond the horizon. Challenge it because you know it to be unattainable. Let us go. Our enemy is mighty in Dark forms, a worthy opponent. Let us show the impeccable Spirit that dwells within… Our path of conquest” – Fate Zero

All great things come with difficult challenges as its counter opposite. And therefore those who seek to overcome these challenges will receive true glory beyond the average man or woman. When achieved, it will represent your Spirit rose above the occasion most could not, and is a heroic virtue by this nature. Whatever it is you inspire to do, pursue it with all you’re might.

  1. “Beyond the watch the gods will offer you chances. Know them. Take them. Invent yourself. And then re-invent yourself. Change your tone and shade so often no one will be able to categorize you. Be self-taught. Nothing great has been achieved without much enduring. Reinvent yourself because you must… – Tom O’Bedlam

Everyone in life will receive more than one chance to make a change. In fact, we have infinite amounts of chances as long as you’re still breathing. Use all opportunities to create new versions of yourself with new ideas, skills developed, and inspiring goals to move towards. Never be one thing, live by one purpose, or be trapped in categorical standards of living. These are mental and spiritual traps most average people live by, that dilutes their very being of becoming anything.



Take advantage of small opportunities that pass by, as these may be the hints on your spiritual road map to fulfilling your higher purpose. Being self-taught for this reason is important for building self-individuality. A character trait molded by your own actions rather than the worlds teaches the self to follow one’s own intuition and heart.

  1. “ All legendary Dragon slayers represent man breaking through the Matrix pattern of life. Overcoming external and internal universal barriers.” – Manly P. Hall

It should be one’s life purpose to break free from mediocrity and conquer something truly great. The dragon is usually symbolic to the highest power possibly attainable, which is Freedom. True freedom in our 3rd dimension in a sense would be financial freedom, to be independent from a work system that requires your personal time is metaphoric to slaying a very difficult dragon.

Most are trapped by their jobs and limited income preventing them from exploring the world freely, having new experiences when they choose. That’s a life purpose worth striving for as it mirrors You controlling your destiny and breaking free from the Matrix. Slaying your dragons should be a great metaphor to remind you to overcome great barriers stopping you

  1. “ True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge. It is an awaking of consciousness which goes through successive stages.” – Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Most would think intelligence is defined by what you memorize when indeed it’s a matter what you’ve experienced. During any new experience in life opens a set of stages in which you can develop inner-growth. Following these stages within every learning experience awakens new conscious levels hidden within them. This is why it’s IMPORTANT to be practice what you know rather than remembering it. Only by experience can you gain true insight into learning.

  1. “The human will, that force unseen. The off spring of a deathless soul can hue away any goal. Though wall of granite intervene. Be not impatient in delay. But wait as one who understands. When Spirit and commands. The gods are ready to obey.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The human will can overcome any obstacle in its path. Will is the spirits power in external form forcing its way through emotional challenges. This quote is hinting to us all that spirit and patience is a power when understood when to use it. Patience shows strength to withstand challenges until its end, a rare dedication of heart and loyalty to ones beliefs.

  1. “ To reach flow, one must be willing to take risks. The lover must bare his soul and risk rejection and humiliation to enter this state. The artist must be willing to be scorned and despised by critics and push beyond the average man or woman.” – Rise of Superman (novel)

As a hidden ability within us all, subconscious mind power  can be unlocked during “flow state”. Flow state as in when the mind is engage with superior focus, learning comprehension, insight, intuition, etc. Basically the super sub-conscious mind can only be revealed through extreme risk taking in whatever form it may be.

Bare your soul openly may be the chance of finding true love for example. An artist must risk embarrassment of his/her creation in order to know if their creation is superior to other average men or women. In essence, flow states can be reached when soul is pushed to its max potential.

  1. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” – Tao Te Ching

Never become too attached to your ego identity. It is doom to our greater potentials as it puts limits on us with doubts and fears of losing what was gained. Use this mind blowing quotes wisdom to reverse the attachment of the ego-self. Letting go of what you have is the next stage to becoming free from what you believe you never had.

  1. “ Grow through struggle and through pain. Individual learning can become kind when the soul learns to walk through fire.” – Manly P. Hall

All forms of growth require some form of growing pains. In exercise in order to get stronger one must withstand strenuous resistance. In order to get smarter, one must engage in learning consistently. These pains are the meaning of something new replacing the old, inner-values that grow within. When the soul learns to accept these pains is to know how walk through fire willingly.