Deep Meditation Experiences For Spiritual Intelligence


Experiencing deeper meditation seems almost impossible in today’s distracting environment. Even the idea of quieting the mind completely seems overwhelmingly difficult, struggling to enhance states of consciousness into a calm state is indeed challenging. In getting this process done involves introspective skills applied into meditative practices. Practices that can instantly focus the mind into a hypnotic state of bliss.

What most do not realize is that going to deep mediation does not only require sitting in lotus position like a monk and chanting mantras. No. That is simply another form of practice one can apply, though there are many forms of deep meditations occurring in your daily life already. Become conscious of times when you’re in deep introspective thoughts (daydreaming), flowing in exercise, writing, cooking, or even mowing the lawn.

The mind can silence itself in many aspects of daily experiences that we usually are unaware of. The key is knowing what naturally moves your mind into these silent states. There is something psychologists can now identify as “flow state” when the minds consciousness is altered into higher levels of performance for a short period of time. Essentially a form of hidden spiritual intelligence.

Best Way To Meditate

From my own deep meditation experiences, I’ve discovered its best to let thoughts flow freely until they slowly quiet themselves. Usually the primary reason most struggle calming their minds is because they are forcing it. Don’t force it. Instead let whatever your mind is pondering about do so until you realize your observing your own thinking. This basic practice can surely remove the anxiety of thinking you must force silence upon the mind.

Once a calm relaxed state emerges can you feel your heart slow down. Another key to flowing into a deep meditative state is focusing on your heart rate slowing down. The heart slowing down is YOUR SIGN your aligned with your breathing and slowly moving into deep meditation. Emptiness, zero judgement, and critiquing wit the mind will become muted on its own. As they say “follow your heart”.

“Silence is the gateway to internal life. To conquer sound within the soul seek silence. This is to pass the mystery of the Scorpion. Who becomes transformed into the serpent of wisdom. Then into the Eagled Phoenix of inspiration.” – Manly. P Hall

Applying visualization into deep meditation occurs through imagination. For myself, I enjoy envisioning experiences that would uplift me emotionally. Sharing passionate affection with someone im attracted to, becoming happy imagining financial success, or achieving high levels of fitness performance. When using the imagination to manifest emotional experiences is a POWERFUL SECRET mastering the power of your subconscious mind. It literally creates a patterned belief system that the subconscious mind molds towards. Essentially what some would refer to as “Law of Attraction”.

How To Apply Tantra Yoga In Meditation

Tantra Yoga begin by developing creative meditation that harnesses the imagination to visualize an enlightened self, body, and environment. The exercise is to imaginatively transform your ordinary environment. The exercise is to imaginatively transform your ordinary self and universe into what you are taught an enlightened thinker and environment would be like.

The purpose of this is to develop an archetypal model for your actual transformation. In order to create something, first you have to imagine it. And imagination can be extremely powerful in life-between reality. Once reality is understood as being ultimately empty you become aware of its actual apparent nature on any level of experience.

Tantra Yoga’s use four main categories of initiation. The “Vase Initiation”, which focuses on the body and empowers creation stage visualization practice. The “secret initiation”, is the focus of speech and empowers you with the perfection stage transformation practice. The “wisdom-intuition initiation”, focuses on the mind and empowers you with high levels of perfection. The “precious word initiation”, which focuses body, speech, and mind indivisibly.

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