Mastering Third Eye Activation Meditation Techniques


Best Third Eye Activation Meditation Techniques




Third eye activation is meditations primary purpose. It’s a part of man’s biology physically, mentally and spiritually. This unlocks higher levels of consciousness from within. Calming the body helps calm the heart and mind as well. Mastering stillness is the first step to successful meditation as it determines what mental state you will be in.

“It is your mind that creates this world.” – Buddha

Ancients have used various practices of deeper meditation to enlighten the body and mind. They understood there are deeper levels of reality that the mind is engaged in without our acknowledgement. Meditation reveals that we can go beyond our six senses and heal our selves from within.

How Does Ancient Meditation Work?


All techniques vary by different personality types as most are reflections of many different cultures and belief systems around the world. Selecting suitable meditation practices require a certain amount of research that best matches your interest. Great techniques consist of strengthening focus and concentration.

A large majority who practice meditation experience similar feelings of peace, ease, and serenity in their lives. Benefiting from a rare inner self healing that improves them mentally.

What Forms Of Ancient Meditations Can You Learn?


  • Mantra Meditation: consists of conscious repetition using certain sound waves that configure the mind to reach higher states of rumination. Originally mantra means “revealed sound”.
  • Vipassana Meditation: The term Vipassana originally means “insight” and is an ancient self-observation technique to see things as they truly are.  Vipassana mediation heals negative memories and bad habits with truth (illuminate, enlighten). Enlightened thinkers of our passed used this method for ego conflict.
  • Taoist meditation: The main principle of Taoist meditation is transformation, generation and circulation of internal energy.
  • Chakra Meditation: represent a divine and superior energy manifestation that can be achieved through self-development. It  teaches the body has chakra nerve centers that stem from the spinal cord. In total there are seven chakra points within the body. 
  • Raja Yoga meditation: Using this technique is the intention of taking the yogi (person practicing meditation) through an advanced level of oneness. Filling the yogi with super senses of happiness elevating the psyche away from pleasures of the flesh and reforms unwanted habits. 

“In silence of material senses lies the key to unveiling deeper wisdom. He who talks does not know. He who knows does not talk.” – Emerald Tablets of Thoth

It seems the health industry needs to rewrite their medical books to add meditation to a very powerful method for reproduction of brain nerve cells and preventing mental disorders. The overwhelming evidence should sound the alarm to many curious to the arts of this mental practice, and see it as a self-treatment method.

What this confirms is we can balance our emotional patterns permanently! Eliminating most mental disorders, cognitive learning disorders, anxieties, depressions and more. There’s enough evidence to support meditation is a “self-healing” process with profound effects. Practicing daily builds skill to control and maintain these deep meditative states.