Powerful Marijuana Meditation While High


Marijuana meditation while high can be used as a tool to enhance our minds just as our ancient ancestors practiced with this herb. Most would agree marijuana has powerful effects on consciousness, and can either work against you (anxiety, laziness, paranoia) or work with improving you. Using marijuana for meditation has shown profound healing abilities for mental performance and calming the body within.

It’s important to know the roots to marijuana, and acknowledge this herb has been a part of mankind’s evolution and culture for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians for example smoked hemp for meditative purposes to study inner consciousness levels. They understood the value to psychedelic drugs found in nature and used herbs, mushrooms, and liquids to reach higher states of subconscious awareness. Possibly why the ancients were more enlightened thinkers we are today. They delved within to find truth through consistent meditation.


How Marijuana Meditation Can Amplify Your Mind


The dream state within the mind is easier to access through the use of psychedelics. Marijuana is the primary psychedelic to practice first with since it’s the least harmful and easy to acquire. Inhalation of the herb immediately excites endorphin’s, dopamine levels that will alter the state of consciousness, only until then can the mind be loose to roam in its own imagination. Marijuana mediation while high allows the mind to become clearer and become more CREATIVE.

Science has yet to confirm the positive benefits to using marijuana for meditation practices but history is our best indicator of truth. From experience of smoking marijuana while meditating does help push the mind into deeper states of meditation and enhances creativity. I find myself creating inner realities far easier, drifting into calm states with Zero thoughts interfering. Also the marijuana has helped me relax my body a lot faster due to the CBD chemical effects within this herb.

Meditation while high is our best tool to unlocking the power of subconscious mind. It inspires mindfulness to nature’s medicines to heal our minds within. Being high is not a negative effect on the mind as long as it’s from a natural source, such as marijuana. Society must unlearn that this plant is bad towards health, when in fact it’s the opposite.

5 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Smoked Daily




  1. Eliminates Depression – Our health industry has many fooled into using prescription drugs as solution to treat depression, when marijuana is just as effective and without deadly side effects. Studies have confirmed marijuana treats depression with profound results for relieving  common mental disorders.
  2. Inspires Creativity – There are two sides to everything. Smoking marijuana can either make you very lazy and unmotivated, or inspire creative growth. It all depends on the individual and their choices. The positives greatly outweigh the negatives, all its takes is one creative mind to manifest the best art piece that inspires millions. Marijuana is a gateway to higher realms of potential if used respectfully without abuse. Like with all super powers there must be balance.
  3. Awakens Awareness – Most would agree the only negative to marijuana effects are paranoia and anxiety. Which really are signs of your mind becoming hyper aware of its surroundings and inner thoughts. This awareness has a positive side as well. Marijuana helps raise your attention to perceive reality with new perspectives, perspectives which can become ENLIGHTENED epiphanies, ideas or inspirations. Reason why some come up with the silliest speculations about life, pondering into deep conversations about conspiracies, etc. These thoughts are spawning from a Higher perspective of Awareness. Learn from it!
  4. Relieves Stress – One of marijuana’s other great perks is its ability to calm and relax mind instantly upon inhalation. Stress is an enemy to all of us physically and mentally. Making marijuana the best natural solution to resolve stress.  This solution replaces toxic pharma drugs to help get patients off addictive pills.
  5. Meditation Enhancer – Marijuana mediation while high has profound results for accessing higher states of consciousness as a short cut. When users practice this method daily, could learn how to control their consciousness states far easier. Metaphorically marijuana acts as a “training wheel”, helping uplift the mind into deep mental states that normally would be difficult to access.


Marijuana Can Be Your Spiritual Tool

This is primarily why our ancient ancestors used marijuana daily for meditative purposes to heal the mind within. Marijuana meditation while high develops creativity on an enhanced level not normally reached sober. Using this herb as a mental tool to work out creativity would only increase self control over your mind.

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