Different Types of Moonstone Necklaces

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Want to Collect Awesome Moonstone Necklaces?

  • Multiple Colors
  • Cool natural quartz crystals
  • Connect to your Chakras
  • Express spirituality on a new level!
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What Does Your Moonstone Necklaces Mean To You?

I personally enjoy anything colored in purple as it represents the highest of chakras. To me, wearing this colored quarts moon necklace defines my Divinity

Everyone has their own interpretations and meaning for selected jewelry, or simply for fashions sake. Using jewelry as a catalyst in a way can be used a spiritual tool for your own higher meaning. Representing a change in your life, new chapter, achievement.

Quartz crystal moonstones in this sense would be perfect for representing states of emotions for example. Each color worn can define your own experiences.

What is The Meaning of Moonstones?

For many moonstones represent mother earth, gaia, the source to all nature on this planet. Each color defining different levels of energy enveloped in a shimmering white energy; making it a very protective stone.

Having moonstone necklaces for spiritual protection is wise and a great gift to share with friends and family.

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