What Is Buddhist Enlightenment


 Buddhist Enlightenment means more than we thought

Most are curious to what is Buddhist enlightenment is or how its interpreted from western perspective. Eastern Buddhism rarely attaches to any idea of reaching a specific point of enlightenment for wise reasons. It’s impossible to label yourself enlightened or know your enlightened by simply stating the term.

In Buddhism, enlightenment means to understand deeper wisdoms, insights and inner-knowing that helps transcend one’s consciousness into higher levels than before. Insights that come in four stages of enlightenment before reaching what is known as Nirvana, a heaven like state of being.

“We can no longer accept joy and happiness as markers of completion. These temporary fulfillments provoke minds into weak existences. Pian and discomfort must be embraced as strengths. For these emotions fertilize the soul towards growth and rebirth.” Manly P. Hall

Western interpretations of enlightenment usually believe in the concept of being in a “all loving” state of awareness, or being more informed in spiritual knowledge. This idea lacks in important aspects to what enlightenment is compared to eastern Asian practices which deal with improving one’s self and letting go of attachments.

Letting go of forms of attachment can vary greatly but improves one’s way of life significantly. Example, expectations of finding true love, let that belief go. Expectations that you will be rich and famous, let those beliefs go. Not that these beliefs are impossible to attain; they create disappointment on grand levels if the ego clings to ideologies that are not fulfilled.

Six Ways To Become More Enlightened

  1. Accept your way of life. There is no escaping present reality as its given, trying to avoid this fact only contributes to deeper pain and regret. By accepting all flaws, mistakes, and past embarrassments can alleviate dark belief patterns haunting the mind. Try not to escape negative truths through distractions such as drugs, sex, or garbage food as an escape. Like a parasite you feed it life with your daily habits, enhancing its growth from within.
  2. Find your true self. Self-identity can only be defined by you only. No one in this world can define your character except the knower, You. Never allow social labels, titles or categories to determine who you are as this is the very Kryptonite to deceiving your higher self.

The ego clings to ideologies, why it’s wise to know thy self through self-awareness. What your skills are, what your passionate for, what you value you most out of life is what defines who you are. Constantly observe your character as if writing a novel telling the story of what you imagine a true hero to be like.

  1. Minimize attachments to material comforts. As Buddha famously quoted “All attachment is the root to all suffering.” This statement is clear and simple to comprehend for even a child to understand. Example, society today is suffering from depression blaming it on “chemical imbalances” in the brain, not realizing their attachments the belief in materials is the root source to their despair.

Attachment to the idea of not having enough money can cause anyone to go into deep depression as this object is the source to higher living standards and somewhat a less stressful life. Although disconnecting from this expectation can heal depression by no longer conforming to this ideology being the only way of attaining a happier life. By reducing all material attachments can alleviate mind and body resulting in enlightened states of being.

  1. Become the love you desire. Enlightenment is self-explanatory. Create inner-light from within using your own power of love. Most expect true love like in a movie scene or their favorite love novel though this form of love is very misleading from truth. Love can be manifested from deep meditation practices, using imaginative techniques for example.

Imagine the love you desire whole heartedly, envision it happening in many forms until the feeling emerges on its own. Whether it be love for a family member, compassion for your neighbors, or love for nature itself. No matter the perspective you imagine, this is truly what it means to find true love, and with it comes enlightenment.

“Catastrophe is the essence of the Spiritual Path. A series of breakdowns allowing us to discover the threads that weave all of life into a whole cloth.” – Manly P. Hall

  1. Don’t Resist Truths. Truths come in all forms including the darkest. Expecting truth only to be positive is ignorance that must be corrected from a higher perspective. Resisting truth even if it appears negative can still be transmuted into positive light (metaphorically speaking). When mankind learns to accept their dark nature with righteous truth, only then will humanity become enlightened as one. Same as every individual seeking redemption. The only way to be truly enlightened is to accept how reality is presenting itself to you .
  2. Create Your Life’s Path. Creation brings you closer towards enlightenment by following your heart. It’s a mirrored reflection of you soul’s passion and will power to strive towards guiding your own destiny using creativity. Overcoming challenges and obstacles helps one finds oneself truly by acknowledging weaknesses and strengths never known is modern mediocre lifestyles.

Those who craft their life’s path are the most interesting people on earth,  inspiring themselves through creative innervation. Compared to mediocre career goals at corporate jobs, enlightened thinkers evolve themselves mentally, spiritually, and sometimes physically. Becoming enlightened is understanding one’s true values. Showing heroic efforts to create their lives from within.

“You will recognize your path when you come upon it. Cause you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need.” – Suli Breaks

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